About this website:
In 1999, inspired with the idea of creating a website where visitors could submit and/or find interesting content, be it links, artwork, news or other I registered somethinginteresting.com with the hopes of developing a database of interesting content for one and all.

SomethingInteresting.com, as a website, has been online, off and on, for over a decade yet to become what I envisioned when I registered the domain in 1999.

Currently, somethinginteresting.com hosts a few random articles posted over time. If I had the resources, I might pay someone to help me create what I’ve anticipated, then pay other folks to maintain it, then pay lawyers and accountants and life would be great because I could finally afford to go to the doctor… alas, maybe pigs fly.

About the Editor:
My name is Kim. I have more than 40 years experience living with a girl’s name. My humor is twisted, my thoughts obscure and my perspective jaded …but my reality is wholesome and well-intentioned.

Though my writing style is nearly repulsive, I am fairly clear about the confrontational perspectives I often include. Of the many aspects about my writing I hope to change in 2012, one is the fact I rarely, if ever, present my own personal beliefs.
My new mantra is: Eschew Obfuscation.