Do you see what I see

When the landscape is blanketed in snow, the quiet is serene. Contributing to the serenity a lovely blanket of snow provides is the lack of traffic; folks stay indoors.

Outdoor work, down a country road, no one around.. when through the trees a clanking, loud and high above. Someone else is working this early and cold morning? .. not far away but what the…?


Do you see what I see? A man, a man.. dancing in the night, with a tail as big as a kite…

That something interesting was the multitude hiding indoors waiting for someone to plow their drive and shovel a path so they could get to their sixty-five thousand dollar 4X4′s with heated seats, someone is climbing an icy metal tower to get the job done.


I like adventure but this didn’t look too fun considering the temp. I kept thinking of licking the tetherball pole in 3rd grade.

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Peanut Butter and Macbook

Hello World,

I haven’t stopped by in a while so I thought I’d share something you don’t see everyday. ..or maybe you do.

In preparing this white Macbook for sale @ auction, I removed a dozen bumper stickers that were plastered all over it. I really don’t know why the vinyl came right off, but ALL the adhesive was still on the notebook computer case.

Ordinarily, Goof Off works absolutely perfectly on removing residual sticker adhesive. Once though, I used Goof Off to take writing off a Frisbee but unfortunately it dissolved the disc material… it softened the spot I’d applied Goof Off and ruined the disc.  Continue reading

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Apple’s 1% Tax on iOS Apps and Verizon’s new $30 Upgrade Fee

Where is there a 1% sales tax rate?

Where I live sales tax is 6%.  Where Apple lives sales tax is 8.75%.

Why did I get charged 1% tax? Will Apple hand my 2¢ over to the IRS, or is this some other form of Tax that I don’t know about… really, 1%?  Continue reading

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Nelson, Ga. ~ The only safe town in America.

YouTube Preview Image

I was just telling someone how, because I was born in NY and have lived most of my life in New England, I have always been tagged a Yankee by my family in the South.  Continue reading

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Many different license pate options… Montana is cool.

I bought an old Chevy C10 in the state of Montana. When I went to register it for new tags, I found out there are 8 pages of plates to choose from.  I’m a bit too frugal to fork over the annual fees for a pretty license plate, especially considering I bought a vintage vehicle for the affordable, one-time, lifetime registration.

I wonder if any other states offer so many choices for license plates?

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Seven Miles Per Second

That’s how fast the meteor that exploded over Russia’s Chelyabinsk region was traveling when it hit our atmosphere.

Think about that for a second.

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Gun Control… is a dirty word.

When I was in Basic Training, referring to one’s black rifle as a ‘gun’ was a punishable mistake.

I distinctly recall a certain soldier in our platoon required to stand atop a wall while holding his rifle with arms outstretched and recite the following:

“This is my weapon, this is my gun. This is for killing, this is for fun.”

Anyone caught referring to their M16 as a gun was taught.. that a gun is between your legs.  Continue reading

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